Cystic Acne + Skincare Routine

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Hey y’all! So, I recently did a poll on my Instagram and you guys voted that you wanted to learn about my journey of overcoming cystic hormonal acne and my current skincare routine. This may or may not be a lengthy post, but y’all asked and I intend to deliver. 

 Firstly, I’ve always had problematic, acne prone skin. From the time I was in middle school through high school and after, I went to the dermatologist. During that time most of my breakouts were treated with prescription topical and oral acne medications. It was annoying, but manageable nonetheless. 

 Fast forward to being about 25 years old and out of the blue, I started having intense breakouts one day. I mean painful, ugly, embarrassing breakouts. This was also the time that I was diagnosed with PCOS. I was on birth control at the time and stopped because I wanted to find a more natural, holistic remedy. I am also at high risk for breast cancer (my mother is a survivor) and to hear from my OB that they could give me another birth control to try with a higher dose of estrogen was not a risk that I was or will ever be willing to take. I had serious hormonal issues. My cycles were inconsistent, painful, and after an ultrasound at my OBGYN, they did indeed find a cyst on one of my ovaries. In my case, there wasn’t much they could do at that point. It was just one of those things that your body “works” out on it own. I tried every brand of products that I could for my complexion. From Proactive, Rodan + Fields, Dermalogica, and Obaji, to Clean and Clear, Neutrogena, and so many other drugstore brands. Literally nothing was helping. As time went on and I continued to spend money left and right trying to find the miracle product that would correct all of these issues, I started taking various supplements. My thought was that if I could get a hold on what was going on inside my body, that my skin would improve. I began trying every supplement under the sun - chaste tree berry, multivitamins, milk thistle, etc. 

 Struggling with my battle with cystic acne had such a negative affect on my self-esteem. I felt terrible about myself. I hated to even look in the mirror, yet I couldn’t stop obsessing over how it looked. I remember just crying and crying because I was so frustrated. I wanted a solution and to just have clear skin. 

 I struggled for years. Yes, YEARS. Almost a year ago, I began to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I began using benzoyl peroxide acne cream on my face. It is VERY strong, but I follow it with Egyptian magic moisturizer mixed with a a moisturizer for your face that contains an SPF to protect against sun damage. I also found my most miracle supplement, Balance from AlaniNu (brand by Katy Hearn). That supplement has been a total game changer for me. My hormones are regulated, my cycles are normal, and I feel so much better. My cystic acne has been kept at bay. While I still have normal breakouts here and there, I haven’t had a severe cystic breakout in so long. When I say this was a game changer, I mean that it did change my life. I tried to find a resolution to my problems for years and was unsuccessful. It was so frustrating, and to remember how insecure I felt about myself during that time because of how my face looked is scarring in itself. I would never wish those types of feelings on another person. 

 While Balance has literally changed my life, I have also perfected my skincare routine. I’m going to break it down for you all below. 


Cleanser - Tula cleanser

Toner - Pixi Beauty Retinol Tonic

Treatment - 10% benzoyl peroxide 

Moisturizer - Egyptian magic + any SPF facial moisturizer cream (Tip - Egyptian magic will last you forever! A little goes a long way!)


Cleanser (double cleanse) - 

1 . Tula cleanser

2.   Glycolic acid exfoliant cleanser 

Toner - Pixi Beauty Retinol Tonic 

Serum - Tula wrinkle defense serum 

Treatment - 10% benzoyl peroxide 

Moisturizer - Egyptian magic 

 Now that I’ve gotten acne at bay, there are other concerns I’m focusing on when it comes to skincare: 

  • anti-aging

  • Hydration

  • Discoloration (I also suffer from melasma)

 I’m currently trying to narrow down what types of retinol I want to try and implement into my routine and what products are the best for my skin. I am by no means a doctor, I’ve just had a lot trial and error experiences. I’ll be sure to post updates on my Instagram stories on new products that I implement in the future. 

I hope you found this helpful. Just know, if you do suffer from any type of skin condition I recommend seeing a dermatologist. There IS a resolution out there so don’t lose hope like I almost did! 

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