Valjean Labs Skincare Review

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Hey y’all! Happy Friday eve! It has been SUCH a busy week at work. I have started blogging and writing content every night this week when I’ve gotten home, but I have been so exhausted, so I am a little behind on posting. I will take being a busy bee over being bored any day though!

Anyone who really knows me knows that I am a big Marshall’s shopper. I literally go every single Saturday morning after I hit the gym. It is just one of those stores that makes me happy when I am there LOL [don’t laugh…we all have our own version of our happy place]. I have recently seriously began raiding their makeup and skincare section. I have found some really great products for a fraction of the cost [SCORE!] I frequently use some of the serums by Pearlessence and Valjean Labs and I really love those products. I came across a mask this weekend and it is a Valjean Labs products. It is called “Renew” and I am pumped to tell you guys alllll about it.

This awesome mask contains collagen and fruit enzymes [think anti-aging]. It is actually really more of a gel than a mask. It does not lather up or anything like that. It’s very simple to use. After you cleanse your face, simply apply across your face/neck/chest. Make sure to rub it in thoroughly and let it dry before you move onto the next step in your skincare regimen. It is very lite and refreshing. A few things to keep in mind: if you use this and it causes any irritation whatsoever you should definitely discontinue use. Of course, I am not a doctor so if you have any specific conditions, questions, or concerns PLEASE do yourself a favor and consult your physician prior to using any type of product.

Valjean Mask.png

Although I bought this at a discounted price from Marshall’s, another retailer that carries Valjean Labs is Urban Outfitters. Even better, their products are VERY affordable [even paying full price].

That’s all I’ve got for today. I am working on more posts so please stay tuned! :-)